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Aerial Repeaters

We do the events for movies, DJ & special events, and weddings Aerial Repeaters. This event provides many effects and the best memorable moment for you

Cost aside, however, the majority of people would agree that there is no better choice for a fireworks show grand finale than a large Aerial Repeater.

Angelo SFX is one of India’s leading professionals. An experienced special effects company dealing with Wireless Special Effects with the latest technology. Fireworks are a great way to celebrate with friends and family.

While going to a professional show is always a treat, creating your own display links you to European kings. And ancient Chinese alchemists, allowing you to build on both histories. Whereas modern technology creates the show of your dreams.

Best 1 Aerial Repeaters
Best 1 Aerial Repeaters

Aerial Repeaters

As you might suspect, fiberglass mortar tubes are more expensive but provide greater safety. And stable than the cardboard models and are, quite frankly, a requirement to safely and properly shoot the more impressive powder-packed shells.

Also, in recent years, due to the greater size and power of the associated shells, the evolution of the REINFORCED HDPE tube has also hit the marketplace…now providing a fiberglass firing tube thickness of nearly 1 full inch.

As a tip, a great sign of a powerful, impressive. And sizeable fireworks mortar kit is IF it includes a fiberglass or reinforced fiberglass tube in the box!

Angelo SFX has worked with many leading Indian Wedding & Corporate Organizers. And has successfully completed more than 2000 independent projects for weddings and events all over India. Some fireworks users prefer these items because they are very similar in display to their reloadable mortar.